Burt’s Bees presents!

A guest of us is going to write an e-book about inspirational women on Bonaire and she came today at our place to interview me. She brought some lovely presents for my birthday, thank you so much Jeynaba Touré!

Both of the presents are from the brand Burt’s Bees. Roxanne Quimby started the brand in 1984 in Maine and in 1991 the world famous lip balm was born. They moved from Maine to North Carolina in 1994 and during the years the launched several different lines of products and got awards for green business and products. All the products are made in the USA.

First is the Burt’s Bees BB cream with Noni extract in the colour light/med in a nice 1.7 oz/ 48.1gr package.

Burts Bees BBcreamBurts Bees BBcream2

The texture is thin, not greasy and doesn’t give that much coverage. For me that’s a good thing because the colour is a little light for my tanned skin, so I really go for the 9 benefits in the cream!

Second is the Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit, with 5 sample size products and 1 full size lip balm.

Burts Bees kitBurts Bees kit2

Ok from the top left round:
– Honey and Grapeseed Hand Cream: A yellowy, fluffy cream that quickly absorbs, smells sweet like honey, nice!
– Almond and Milk Hand Cream: A white, firm, think cream that smells like almonds.
– Hand Salve: White transparent greasy salve, thick and firm, I think perfect for winter issues in the cold 🙂
– Coconut Foot Cream: Wow this is something different then I expected! It’s a brown transparent thick salve that smells like mint and coconut. Not really my type of product.
– Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil: Just a nice lip balm, it has a red colour but that doesn’t show on the lips and smell fruity sweet.
– Lemon butter cuticle cream: Transparent white salve that smell like lemon of course! Good stuff, I like it.

All in all, the lipbalm, BB cream and the cuticle cream are my favourites! Thank you so much Jeynaba!

Don’t know if this brand is available on Bonaire, don’t think so but for sure you can find it online!




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