New stuff!

This morning I went to the Caribe Nobo market because I heard they should have tons of beauty stuff. Well, it’s true, could have spend an hour there but I my limited time I found some nice products!


Nail polish of ‘J’ in colour Mademoiselle, a very nice, light pinky nude. Need three layers, it’s a little thin but love the shade!


Oil sun sublime of Dutch brand Keune, SPF 8 for hair and body. This stuff is amazing! Years ago, back in The Netherlands, I used to model for Keune and since then I use their products. It smells like summer, the shine on you skin is fabulous and it just works for both skin and hair. Personally I like it better on my skin. Earlier in 2014 I wrote a review on this product, it’s in Dutch and you can find it here!


Miss Manga Voluminous waterproof mascara of L’Oreal in Blackest Black and it does the job, nothing really spectacular.

Further I bought a Maybelline Babylips Dr.Rescue in Coral Crave (had it before and love the minty taste), an 8×4 deodorant (not interesting :-)) and a Pears soap bar. They just have so much stuff for hair, body, make-up, really, I think it’s the largest assortment on the island of Bonaire. Love it!


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