Nails: Glitter NYC topcoat

Finally I had some time for a little manicure again, and I choose the DA colour ‘Hot Coral’ and for topcoat the NYC Expert last in 155 ‘Gramercy Glitz’. In the background the Dutch ELLE magazine with Bonaire’s supermodel Soekie Gravenhorst at the cover!

Love Caribbean Glam


Dutch model Noah Steenbruggen – Deluxe Magazine

Another gorgeous Dutch model: Noah Steenbruggen! Love her features, the full lips, blue eyes, blonde hair… and now she has this amazing series and the cover of online magazine Deluxe by Alejandro Pereira.

Click on the link for the full series, but here’s the cover!

Noah Steenbruggen cover deluxe magazine

Photoshoot Bregje Zijlstra!

Yes, I had a photo shoot last week and guess who was the model?? Yes, myself! For me to model it was so long ago, probably already 7-8 years or so, so I was really exited about this! Did some extra moisturizing, fake tanning and healthy eating for 4 days in advance and here are the results! Photographer was Kaming Yan, thanks so much!

DSC_0489bw DSC_0679bw DSC_0701bw DSC_0863_1bw

Annelot in Dutch Glamour!

Long time ago I used to work as a model-scout and -manager (still do so sometimes) and I discovered a lot of great models. For example Annelot de Waal. She walked into my office in Wassenaar (The Netherlands) about 8 years ago, we did some testshoots and I thought she would be great but at that time she had to workout some more. She moved to South Afrika, came back and now she’s with Paparazzi models in Amsterdam.

Today I bought the July 2o15 issue of the Dutch Glamour here on Bonaire, and I was so surprised to find Annelot in here with a very nice 10 pages! bathing suits editorial shot by Petrovsky&Ramone. Wow Annelot, just wow, you did a great job together with this great team! The cover with Rens Kroes (sister of Doutzen).


And part of the series with Annelot, take a look and enjoy!