Mane ’n tail Detangler

For years already we use for our horses the Mane ’n Tail detangler spray and we do order this in the US. Last week we decided to go to a different supermarket here on the island and guess what, they do sell Mane ’n Tail!

mane n tail detangler

We bought 2 bottles, 1 for the horses and 1 to try out for myself. It really works and adds a great shine, and for myself it’s also not to heavy like other sprays could be. Today I used it on the tail of Poco Blonde Princess, our quarter horse mare and wow, look at this shine!

Staart Poco 13-07-2016 met Mane&Tail Detangler Staart Poco 13-07-2016 met Mane&Tail Detangler2

Her tail used to be black of course, but due to bleaching by the seawater it’s orange-red now! This colour looks like the Irish Red hair! Last week I found this picture called ‘The Beauty of Ireland’, horses and red hair combined!

The beauty of Ireland